Matthew Goldfarb

Matthew began farming organically in the early 1990s. In-between plantings and harvest Matthew developed a broad set of skills to deepen his impact on local and regional food systems. He has the rare combination of a farmer by day, a trained rural sociologist, and an MBA with a focus in creativity and entrepreneurship. He has used these experiences to strengthen on-farm youth education programs across the country, researched and designed programs on small farm needs and opportunities for Cornell University, and built several successful farms in dairy, livestock, produce and most recently seeds. In 2012 he co-founded Fruition Seeds, an organic regionally focused seed company. His breeding and crop improvement efforts are focused on flavor and productivity for growers in the Northeastern United States. Fruition Seeds is recognized for its work in regional adaptation of several fresh market crops, their collaborative approach to seed production, and commitment to strengthening relationships between all who are impacted by where and how seeds are produced. Matthew continues to seek ways and opportunities to connect breeders, farmers, seedsmen and women, and chefs to each other to build a more resilient seed system.