Ángel León

2-Michelin starred chef Angel León is renowned for his provocative culinary innovation at his restaurant, Aponiente, in the Bay of Cadiz. He first caught the attention of critics by working with fish discards – a statement about treating the resources of the ocean fairly. León is passionate about research, often working with universities to explore the potential of the oceans as a food source (of which we only use 40%), and carefully documenting his findings, which could open up exciting possibilities for future generations. His innovations include smooth fish sausages, faux rack of lamb and hedgehog burrata. He uses phytoplankton to clarify wine (Clarimax); and olive stones as ecological fuel; flake powders to enhance flavouring and vitreous humor (from the eyeballs of fish) to make emulsifiers. He has even reproduced the effect of bioluminescence (via research with enzymes) in his dishes, and grown marine plankton outside of the sea.