Kamilla Seidler y Michelangelo Cestari

In 2013, Seidler (Denmarc) and Cestari (Venezuela) were chosen by Claus Meyer to take his Melting Pot project to Bolivia where they opened Gustu – now considered to be one of the best restaurants in Latin America – which also happens to be a teaching school training around 25 people every two years. Gustu has put a culinary spotlight on a previously overlooked country, as well as serving to train and empower locals both by opening up employment possibilities, and a wider knowledge and pride about their ethnic gastronomy. In partnership with the ICCO Cooperation South America, Melting Pot Bolivia also runs the Manq’a project – 12 schools which offer culinary training to economically vulnerable young people (16 – 28) from El Alto – including classes in entrepreneurship, nutrition, gender and ethics. By 2017, the project is expected to have trained more than 3,000 students.