Matthew Orlando

Between those chefs who embrace the fight against food waste, Orlando has develop a contemporary and innovative approach from a fine dining point of view. He demonstrates that making the most of ingredients and resources has more to do with changing paradigms and adopting circular logic than with “using things that have no value”. For this chef, everything that a product offers has potential and it is the job of the cook (not the ingredient) to reveal this. In his restaurant Amass in Copenhaguen this American promotes an environment of healthy competition among his team to find new solutions and techniques, combining research and the tools that help him show how those ingredients (or part of ingredients) that we normally waste, could be even more nutritious and valuable than the parts that we normally use. The key, then, is knowledge. Amass uses almost exclusively organic products and has managed to reduce its waste by 75%. Former right-hand man of Rene Redzepi, Orlando turns his restaurant into an educational resource, with workshops for urban children to learn how to grow, cook and eat vegetables.