Siew-Chinn Chin

Siew-Chinn Chin has devoted her career to promoting organic and healthy eating habits in the US, advocating for a paradigm shift away from fast food culture. Through initiatives such as The Charlie Cart Project the Malaysian-born chef plays a key role taking culinary training across the country: using a fully-equipped mobile kitchen and dozens of recipes to illustrate the connections between cooking, health and the environment. She has trained over 500 educators from around 10 states. An estimated 150,000 children have studied this curriculum

Today, youth grow up surrounded by processed food sold by large, for-profit corporations without
any awareness about our health or our future. I hope that our influence on young people’s eating
habits, as small as that influence may be, transforms future generations. It’s like the race between the tortoise and the hare. If persistent, the tortoise can win.”