Simon Boyle

Simon Boyle is a chef and entrepreneur who has shown that gastronomy has much to contribute in the context of social causes. Boyle founded Beyond Food in 2011 which focuses on helping people escape poverty through culinary training and rebuilding their lives through food. The chef at social enterprise restaurant, Brigade (London) has focused his efforts on securing resources and food for vulnerable groups such as those living in shelters and homeless people in particular. The programmes focus is on breaking the cycle of homelessness, unemployment and poverty by equipping people with the basics of cooking. By providing essential culinary skills and introducing people to the benefits of fresh, healthy food, Beyond Food is helping the most vulnerable become more independent and give them a sense of belonging. Also, in collaboration with health experts as well as his restaurant team and students at the training centre, Simon has started a 24/7 emergency hotline where people can call in need of psychological help.