Xanty Elías

The chef of Acánthum, the only restaurant in Huelva (Spain) to boast a Michelin star, is fully committed to developing his region. As president of the Prenauta Foundation, he is an advocate for tourism, innovation and entrepreneurship in the restaurant sector. In order to promote food education, he has launched Los Niños se Comen el Futuro in 2018 (which can be loosely translated as “The Children Eat and Conquer the Future”). This initiative is striving to introduce Culinary Culture as a subject on the curriculum in primary schools. A pilot program (in 2018-2019) was implemented in 50 schools across the region of Andalusia, completed by 2,200 students between the ages of six and seven.

We have a very big health problem. Our goal is not to teach children how to cook, but rather, how to make intelligent decisions regarding their health and diet every day when they eat.”