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  • Nominate chefs who transform society through gastronomy

    Anyone with a professional culinary career – regardless of their culinary culture and nationality – can win this award, based on their work in fields such as culinary innovation, health, nutrition, education, the environment, the food industry, social or economic development, among others.

    Candidates must be nominated by active culinary professionals - chefs, restaurant owners, food writers, journalists, among others - or by institutions from the sector.

    Anyone interested in submitting a nomination must complete the nomination form by providing information about the candidate, as well as the reasons why the nominee deserves the award. Through these nominations, the BCC seeks out the knowledge and expertise of the international culinary community to discover people with transformative initiatives in different parts of the world who may not enjoy broad public recognition.

    It is not about getting votes: regardless of whether a candidate receives one nomination or ten, each candidate is given equal consideration.

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  • Please note that chefs cannot nominate themselves. They need to be nominated by another chef, a profesional or institution part of the gastronomic community. Nomination period closes in may. Finalist will be announced in June and the winner in July.