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Winner 2023

Ebru Baybara Demir

Hailing from Türkiye, the country that hosts most Syrian refugees, this great chef uses gastronomy as a tool for integration. In the many initiatives in which she is part of, Baybara Demir empowers women from both countries and dismantles prejudices by highlighting the richness of the exchange of cultures. She currently supports the agricultural development cooperative From Soil to Plate, in which volunteers from the region encourage the production and consumption of local, ancestral grains such as Sorgül (as well as making soaps, jams or handicrafts marketed through online platforms); and is involved in efforts aimed at the management of biodegradable waste in popular markets in Diyarbakır.

Jury 2023

Los miembros del Consejo Internacional del BCC son ejemplo del alcance que pueden tener los chefs cuando transcienden las fronteras convencionales de su profesión. Por ello, son responsables de elegir al ganador con la ayuda de destacados expertos internacionales, y no pueden ser candidatos al premio. 

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