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A generation of international chefs have now expanded their role in society and redefined their profession by integrating new skills, creativity, innovation and social concerns into their approach. The Basque Culinary World Prize will celebrate this evolution.

Winner 2019

Anthony Myint

Through conviction, persistence and creativity, Anthony Myint uses cooking to tackle one of the most pressing challenges in today’s global society: climate change. Based in San Francisco, he leads initiatives such as ZeroFoodprint that draw attention to the environmental impact of restaurants and provides tools for chefs to reduce or eliminate their businesses’ carbon footprint, regardless of location. Over 30 influential restaurants from around the globe, such as Benu and Noma, have applied this methodology. Through The Perennial Farming Initiative, Myint has joined forces with the state of California to support sustainable agriculture practices.

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Prize committee

Grupo interdisciplinario de expertos a cargo de analizar el perfil de las candidaturas y de elegir a 10 finalistas considerando para ello el trabajo que hacen en los ámbitos como la innovación culinaria, la salud, la nutrición, la educación, el medio ambiente, la industria alimentaria, el desarrollo social o económico, entre otros.

Jury 2019

Los miembros del Consejo Internacional del BCC son ejemplo del alcance que pueden tener los chefs cuando transcienden las fronteras convencionales de su profesión. Por ello, son responsables de elegir al ganador con la ayuda de destacados expertos internacionales, y no pueden ser candidatos al premio. 

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