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Winner 2022

Fatmata Binta

Fatmata Binta, originally from Sierra Leone, aims to share and spread the essence of the Fulani’s culture and cuisine with her initiative “Dine on a mat”, a nomadic restaurant that offers an immersive culinary experience across many countries that demonstrates how the Fulani people eat and interact with food. For them, sustainability is much more than a buzzword; it defines their way of life. Thanks to this initiative, over 300 families from 12 communities and 4 regions of Ghana benefit from its program.

From Fulani Kitchen Foundation, they aim to educate, train, and empower these women and girls of all Fulani regions, starting from the construction of a center that will act as a sanctuary for women to address social, educational, and community needs, and provide a safe haven where they can process and package different types of products. Her Foundation has started to work on four hectares of farm land with the goal of expanding to 500 in the near future: in order to be able to export at least 200 tons of fonio to different countries in Africa and abroad.

Jury 2022

Los miembros del Consejo Internacional del BCC son ejemplo del alcance que pueden tener los chefs cuando transcienden las fronteras convencionales de su profesión. Por ello, son responsables de elegir al ganador con la ayuda de destacados expertos internacionales, y no pueden ser candidatos al premio. 

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