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A generation of international chefs have now expanded their role in society and redefined their profession by integrating new skills, creativity, innovation and social concerns into their approach. The Basque Culinary World Prize will celebrate this evolution.

Winner 2016

Maria Fernanda Di Giacobbe

María Fernanda has built a whole chain of education, entrepreneurship and economic development around Venezuelan cacao. With Kakao and Cacao de Origen, she supports local producers with the resources they need to improve their product – including production processes, fermentation and marketing – in order to export to master chocolatiers around the world aligned with the Bean to Bar movement (some 60 producers in 18 communities have taken part). She also helps women to become chocolate entrepreneurs themselves, with a training program that focuses on gender equality, competitiveness and fair-trade practices. In collaboration with Simón Bolivar University, Maria founded a Cacao Industry Management program from which 1,500 have already graduated (94% women).

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Prize committee

Grupo interdisciplinario de expertos a cargo de analizar el perfil de las candidaturas y de elegir a 10 finalistas considerando para ello el trabajo que hacen en los ámbitos como la innovación culinaria, la salud, la nutrición, la educación, el medio ambiente, la industria alimentaria, el desarrollo social o económico, entre otros.

Jury 2016

Los miembros del Consejo Internacional del BCC son ejemplo del alcance que pueden tener los chefs cuando transcienden las fronteras convencionales de su profesión. Por ello, son responsables de elegir al ganador con la ayuda de destacados expertos internacionales, y no pueden ser candidatos al premio. 

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