Frequent questions


When will a second edition be organized?
In 2017. More details about the specific details and dates for each part of the process will come out soon.
Who is eligible to win the prize?
The prize can be won by anyone who has a background working as a professional chef, of any nationality and culinary tradition. It needs to be a chef that has improved society through gastronomy. This could be through culinary innovation; sustainability; a commitment to social responsibility; or the economic development of their community; involvement in health or environmental campaigns; the promotion of pioneering cultural projects, or works that benefit society through their positive impact on the food industry.
What will the winner receive?
The winner is given the opportunity to choose a project to receive the €100,000 funding awarded by this prize. The project should express the transformative power of cuisine.
How will this €100,000 be monitored to ensure it is spent in the right way and not used for commercial ends?
They winner has to pick a project or an institution that improves society through gastronomy and does not involve any direct commercial gain. The Basque Culinary Center will assure this legally.
Can someone win the prize more than once?
No, the prize can only be awarded to a chef once.
What is the timescale for the prize?
Details will be announced at the beginning of 2017.



How do people nominate a chef?
They should go to nomination page where they can fill in a nomination form and share the reasons they thing one chef of their choice is worth the prize.
Who is eligible to nominate a chef?
We want nominations from anyone who is professionally active in the world of gastronomy or an institution. We will judge whether a nomination is valid based on whether we think that the person nominating meets this definition.
What information do those nominating have to provide?
Those nominating have to provide their name, their nationality, give brief details of their involvement in the gastronomic world, give the name of the chef they are nominating and their reasons for the nomination (and any supporting documents, photos or information). We also ask that they give us their contact details in case we need to find out further information about the work of the chef.
Will names of those nomination a chef be made public?
No, the nominations will be treated in confidence. We will not release publicly the identity of those who have nominated a chef. Neither will the The Prize Commitee and Jury be given the names of those who have nominated a chef during their deliberations.
Can one person nominate more than one candidate?
Yes, people can nominate as many candidates as think are worthy of consideration.
Will you take into account how many nominations a candidate receives?
No, whether someone is nominated once or a hundred times, their nomination will be given equal consideration by the Prize Committee.
Can people nominate the same candidate more than once?
There would be no purpose in someone nominating the same candidate more than once, as this is not a vote.
Do nominees have to be working as a chef at present?
No, they do not have to be currently working as a chef – but they must have a background working as a professional chef.
Do nominees have to have their own restaurant?
No, eligible chefs need only have a background working as a professional chef.
Can a chef apply directly to win the prize?
No, all chefs have to be nominated by someone who is active in the world of gastronomy.
Can members of the BCC, its local or International Board, Prize Committee or Jury be nominated for the prize?
No, the BCC board, International Committee, Prize Committee and Jury cannot be nominated for the prize.
Why have you ruled out the public from nominating a candidate for the BCWP?
A wide group of people are eligible to nominate – including anyone who is currently working in the world of gastronomy. We believe these are the people in the best position to identify potential candidates for the prize. It is important to recognize that the nomination process is to create a pool of candidates from which the winner can be chosen.
If there is an obvious, important candidate that has happened not to be nominated, can the Prize Committee / Jury put forward their own names?
No, chefs have to be nominated to be eligible for the prize. The Prize Committee and the Jury cannot nominate candidates.