Edición: 2019

Cristina Martinez

In the United States, the fear of deportation silences more than one million undocumented workers a year; and yet, in Philadelphia, this Mexican chef is leveraging the success of her South Philly Barbacue restaurant (among the best openings of 2016, according to Bon Appètit) to give voice to the controversial struggle of those who work… Read more »

Katina and Kyle Connaughton

Kyle and Katina Connaughton are the couple behind SingleThread, a source-focused, farm-driven restaurant and inn concept that offers time-honored preparations of seasonally inspired cuisine and a uniquely curated taste of Sonoma Wine Country. Husband and wife are co-owners of this restaurant in Healdsburg (California), awarded with three Michelin stars in 2018, where Kyle is in… Read more »

Eneko Atxa

An icon of modern Basque cuisine, Eneko Atxa (Amorebieta, Basque Country, 1977) has made a name for himself in the upper echelons of gastronomy by combining creativity with a sensibility for tradition and the environment. Azurmendi, his flagship restaurant with three Michelin stars, has twice won the Sustainable Restaurant Award from The World’s 50 Best… Read more »

Jock Zonfrillo

Winner of the Basque Culinary World Prize 2018, this Scottish chef is undertaking the task of preserving the memory of native peoples of Australia through their food. He has dedicated the last 17 years to discovering and defending this aborigine culture, excluded from the national culinary identity. During this time, he has visited hundreds of… Read more »

Trine Hahnemann

Trine Hahnemann is a Danish chef and food writer.  As an activist chef, she devotes her cooking to organic and sustainable food, and has been promoting for many years a different way of living gastronomy based on diversity and social justice. Hahnemann has written 10 cookbooks in her native Danish and 7 in English, including… Read more »

Virgilio Martinez

At Central in Lima, Virgilio Martinez pushed Peruvian cuisine to unexpected limits with a perspective that exposed it to innovation and exploration, built upon the work of Mater Iniciativa, a multi-disciplinary platform that dives into one of the world’s greatest biodiversities under the premise of “afuera hay más” (‘there’s more outside’). With Mil, his most… Read more »

Manoella Buffara

Manu Buffara is one of the most promising chefs in Latin America. As an award-winning chef, she has created Manu (Curitiba, Paraná), to showcase her culture and identity. Her passion for cooking is deeply rooted in her upbringing. As a farmers’ daughter she learnt to appreciate the land and its produce, and harnessed this knowledge… Read more »

Iñaki Martínez de Albéniz

Doctor in Sociology and professor of this subject at the University of the Basque Country (EHU-UPV), Iñaki Martínez de Albéniz has long been involved with gastronomy. He was originally attracted by the social and cultural dimensions of this field. Martínez de Albéniz regularly collaborates with the restaurant Mugaritz, developing initiatives such as The Candy Project…. Read more »

Carlos Zamora

At the helm of De Luz and seven other restaurants in Spain, Carlos Zamora has been promoting a sustainable and responsible model of restaurant and team management for over a decade. The work of this enterprising chef is especially remarkable because of his personal relationships with local organic producers and farmers (for whom Zamora’s business… Read more »

Andoni Luis Aduriz

Admired for his creativity and boldness, Andoni Luis Aduriz (born in San Sebastián in 1971) is undoubtedly one of the most influential chefs in the world. Throughout his career he has intentionally disregarded the conventional boundaries of cooking in his search for intersections with other disciplines, such as music, philosophy, anthropology and natural sciences. At… Read more »