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Dan Giusti

After leaving René Redzepi’s kitchens (with whom he ran Noma), Dan Giusti recently set up Brigaid, an initiative that helps schools rethink the design and functionality of their kitchens. The know-how of talented chefs is brought into school kitchens to generate real, substantial changes. They work to serve ‘real food’ and to rebuild basic yet… Read more »

Daniel Patterson and Roy Choi

Daniel Patterson’s extensive experience in fine dining merges with Roy Choi’s expertise in street-food to create Locol, a joint restaurant chain project in the USA committed to changing the fast-food concept. Far from being some fantasy around healthy eating, Locol is a very real project that benefits all involved. The initiative supports a “fast-food revolution”… Read more »

Melinda McRostie

On the northern shore of the Greek island of Lesbos, cook Melinda McRostie provided aid to refugees from her harbour side restaurant during the height of the largest refugee crisis since World War II. With the help of local humanitarians and a growing cast of volunteers from around the world, she -and later on Starfish,… Read more »

José Andrés

Time magazine cites José Andrés as one of the most influential men on the planet. For Andrés, it’s not enough to have a vast chain of successful restaurants or to be a media figure – it’s about generating lasting change in multiple aspects of the food industry. Based in Washington, the Spanish chef has entered… Read more »

Leonor Espinosa

Recognized for promoting the value of Colombian biodiversity, she showcases on his restaurant Leo (Bogota) little-known ingredients while championing local communities and gastronomic traditions, being a great influence on Colombian cuisine. Through the Funleo foundation, Espinosa revives the ancestral knowledge and know-how of mainly indigenous and Afro-Colombian peoples. She supports rural development based on food… Read more »

David Hertz

A distinguished advocate of social gastronomy in Latin America. More than ten years ago, David set up Gastromotiva in São Paulo to provide free culinary training to young people from poor areas, with a view to finding them employment in the catering industry. He has built a community support network that includes workshops for children… Read more »

Anthony Myint

Through conviction, persistence and creativity, Anthony Myint uses cooking to tackle one of the most pressing challenges in today’s global society: climate change. Based in San Francisco, he leads initiatives such as ZeroFoodprint that draw attention to the environmental impact of restaurants and provides tools for chefs to reduce or eliminate their businesses’ carbon footprint,… Read more »

Alberto Crisci

In 2009, Alberto Crisci set up The Clink Restaurants, a major part of The Clink Charity prisoner rehabilitation project currently operating in HMP Brixton, HMP Cardiff, HMP High Down and HMP Styal. Participants are trained to cook and serve customers as a first step towards their new lives. Upon graduation, they receive full NVQ accreditation… Read more »

David Hertz

David Hertz, Brazil Inspired to help drive the social gastronomy movement ten years ago, Brazilian chef David Hertz started Gastromotiva to give opportunities to the socially vulnerable of the favelas of São Paulo, (later in Rio de Janeiro, Bahia and now Ciudad de México), through food and culinary training (the industry was calling out for… Read more »

Daniel Boulud

French chef Daniel Boulud is the co-director of New York charity, CityMeals on Wheels, which provides healthy meals to elderly people who cannot buy food or cook for themselves. First created thirty years ago, Citymeals is one of the largest meals-on-wheels programs in the US, providing 2 million meals to 18,000 elderly New Yorkers each… Read more »