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Ángel León

2-Michelin starred chef Angel León is renowned for his provocative culinary innovation at his restaurant, Aponiente, in the Bay of Cadiz. He first caught the attention of critics by working with fish discards – a statement about treating the resources of the ocean fairly. León is passionate about research, often working with universities to explore… Read more »

Ann Cooper

A celebrated chef, author and educator, Ann Cooper has long been concerned with the twin problems of infant obesity and malnutrition in her country. In 2009, she set up the Chef Ann Foundation (CAF), which provides schools with the tools to move away from serving highly processed, unhealthy foods, to providing fresh, healthy meals cooked-from-scratch…. Read more »

Carlos Zamora

The Spanish chef, restaurateur and entrepreneur has built a reputation for responsible and sustainable restaurant and team management – around which he has developed strong networks with small, local, organic food producers. Carlos also believes in being socially engaged and in making commitments beyond business, which has lead him to support Ampros (the Cántabra Association… Read more »

Gabriel Garza

Inspired by working at a local centre for the visually impaired, Destellos de Luz (Sparkles of Light) in Monterrey, Garza singlehandedly set up Destellos de Sabor (Sparkles of Taste), a project that teaches the blind to cook for themselves; giving them independence, self esteem, and the potential to find future employment. Monthly workshops are held… Read more »

José Andrés

Following the devastation of the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, José Andrés founded World Central Kitchen (WCK) to use the expertise of his chef network to empower locals by providing them with clean gas cooking stoves and food safety/sanitation training. WCK also set up smarts schools kitchens, culinary training for the local hospitality workforce (helping… Read more »

Massimiliano Alajmo

Italian chef Massimiliano Alajmo – the youngest chef ever to be awarded 3 Michelin stars – created Il Gusto per la Ricerca in 2004 to fund research into children’s neoplastic diseases. Each year, the foundation hosts a prestigious culinary dinner – bringing together some of Italy’s most renowned chefs – to raise hundreds of thousands… Read more »

Teresa Corçao

Teresa Corçao is a chef-proprietor, documentary maker and food activist. Several years ago she became aware that her work as a chef could have a big influence on the survival of local farmers, as well as their food products. And so, she founded the Instituto Maniva in 2002 to nurture organic family farming and better… Read more »

Rodolfo Guzman

Rodolfo Guzman, who exemplifies culinary innovation, is passionate about discovering native ingredients from all over Chile from which he creates hundreds of new dishes and flavours at his research center, Conectaz, in Boragó. Carefully documenting his findings, Rodolfo is always looking for ways to share knowledge that could be useful in the search for new… Read more »

Maria Fernanda Di Giacobbe

María Fernanda has built a whole chain of education, entrepreneurship and economic development around Venezuelan cacao. With Kakao and Cacao de Origen, she supports local producers with the resources they need to improve their product – including production processes, fermentation and marketing – in order to export to master chocolatiers around the world aligned with… Read more »

Margot Janse

Dutch chef Margot Janse runs a top restaurant in South Africa. She is also the woman behind Isabelo (‘Feeding Hungry Minds’), an initiative that started with a simple gesture – nutritious muffins cooked for 70 school children in Franschhoek, South Africa (Margot’s local area) – where many children suffer from hunger and malnutrition. Backed by… Read more »