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Kamilla Seidler y Michelangelo Cestari

In 2013, Seidler (Denmarc) and Cestari (Venezuela) were chosen by Claus Meyer to take his Melting Pot project to Bolivia where they opened Gustu – now considered to be one of the best restaurants in Latin America – which also happens to be a teaching school training around 25 people every two years. Gustu has… Read more »

Manoella Buffara

Brazilian chef Manoella (Manu) Buffara is nominated for her work in Ilha Rasa, Curitiva, where she is fighting to preserve the region’s traditional ingredients, farming methods and biodiversity. Working closely with some twenty local food producers, she has created an agro-ecological network that contributes to the local economy by promoting sustainable use of little-known indigenous… Read more »

Leonor Espinosa

Leonor Espinosa is a prominent chef who has made her name with a fusion of modern and ancient Colombian cookery at her restaurant, Leo Cocina y Cava. This passion for her native cuisine led her to set up of Funleo – whose slogan is ‘food for development’ – a foundation that aims to identify, reclaim… Read more »

Nani Moré

Nani Moré is the founder of the Asociación de Comedores Ecológicos (the Ecologic Canteen Association), in Catalonia. She directs documentaries and shorts (her documentary ‘El plato o la vida’ (2012) is well known) campaigning for better food for children – with the entire food chain, including organic, local food production in mind. Nani has been… Read more »

Jessamyn Rodriguez

Harlem based Canadian Jessamyn Rodriguez created a 9-month training program for low-income, minority and immigrant women to become artisanal bakers with Hot Bread Kitchen (HBK). Students also gain additional skills throughout the course – English, maths, science and job readiness – and graduates tend to earn 70% more, on average, than they did before training…. Read more »

Joshna Maharaj

Canadian chef Joshna Maharaj (born in South Africa to an Indian family) is known for her passionate activism (in her teaching, writing and recipe development), especially around providing the community with access to healthy, nutritious food at grassroots level. As well as creating innovative community food programs and consulting on food strategy, Maharaj works with… Read more »

Alicia Gironella

Alicia Gironella is a pillar of Mexico’s gastronomic society and has dozens of publications, documentaries, events and projects in her name dedicated to protecting Mexico’s culinary traditions and heritage. As a fervent supporter of the Slow Food movement and an outspoken activist on issues such food production and biodiversity, Gironella is now – at the… Read more »