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Matthew Orlando

Between those chefs who embrace the fight against food waste, Orlando has develop a contemporary and innovative approach from a fine dining point of view. He demonstrates that making the most of ingredients and resources has more to do with changing paradigms and adopting circular logic than with “using things that have no value”. For… Read more »

Marc Puig-Pey

A member of the revolutionary kitchen team of elBulli for almost two decades, Puig-Pey decided one day to put his creativity at the service of science and health. Responsible for the Cooking Area of the Fundació Alícia in Barcelona, the chef researches and creates food solutions so that children and adults with dietary restrictions can… Read more »

Karissa Becerra

Karissa Becerra is a cook, writer and designer but, above all, she is an activist who seeks to transform the relationship we build with food from childhood. With a background in philosophy and anthropology, Becerra teaches children and adults to think while learning how to eat consciously, convinced this is where big changes start. Her… Read more »

Jock Zonfrillo

This Scottish chef undertook the task of preserving the memory of native peoples of Australia through their food. He dedicated more than 17 years to discover and defend this aborigine culture, excluded from the national culinary identity. During this time, he visited hundreds of remote communities and documented the gastronomic riches that its inhabitants shared… Read more »

Heidi Bjerkan

An important figure in the Norwegian culinary scene, this chef defends an innovative restaurant business model of circular economy. In her restaurant Credo, she has built an ecosystem that integrates the farmers in Trondheim and all her team into good practices of waste management and organic food. In 2017, this former chef of the Norwegian… Read more »

Dieuveil Malonga

Born in Congo and raised in Germany from the age of 13, this young chef took advantage of the fame and visibility he achieved through participating in Top Chef (France) to showcase and support African gastronomic talent. With Chefs in Africa, a digital platform founded in 2016, Malonga advises chefs and apprentices and puts them… Read more »

Caleb Zigas

Zigas is the executive director of La Cocina, a social incubator that for more than a decade has been allowing the transformation of people with low-incomes – mostly immigrant and African-American women – into owners of their own business in San Francisco. With a five-year training and follow-up programme, La Cocina has helped establish 30… Read more »

Ricardo Muñoz Zurita

Recognised by Time magazine as a ‘prophet and preserver of Mexican culinary tradition,’ Ricardo Muñoz Zurita is a pro-biodiversity activist who believes in promoting the country’s culinary heritage. He is renowned amongst his peers as one of the main catalysts behind the boom in Mexican cuisine both at home and abroad. He is the author… Read more »

Ebru Baybara

In the Harran region in the south-east Turkey – where refugee camps are home to some 14,000 Syrian refugees – Ebru Baybara Demir leads the Harran Gastronomy School Project, an initiative to improve the employment prospects of economically vulnerable Turkish and Syrian women through culinary training. The project also builds bridges between Turkish and Syrian… Read more »

Niko Romito

In collaboration with Sapienza University of Rome, the Italian chef has devised a system that enables hospitals to serve healthier and tastier food, which in turn improves the physical and emotional wellbeing of its patients (45% of all hospital food ends up being thrown away in Italy). Niko Romito has redesigned the hospital food chain… Read more »