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Elijah Amoo Addo

Elijah is a chef, social entrepreneur and creator of Food for All Africa in 2014, an organization dedicated mainly to feeding vulnerable children in sub-Saharan Africa and recovering surplus food provided by supermarkets and restaurants. Through projects like Chefs on Wheels, Elijah has been a vital community leader during the pandemic by distributing solidarity meals,… Read more »

Greg Baxtrom

From his Brooklyn location, Greg led the New York Hospitality Coalition, a trade union coalition to exchange information and work together to put pressure on the authorities in New York to respond to the pandemic. In partnership with Maker’s Mark and the Ed Lee Initiative, he transformed his Olmsted restaurant into a food bank and… Read more »

Simon Boyle

Simon Boyle is a chef and entrepreneur who has shown that gastronomy has much to contribute in the context of social causes. Boyle founded Beyond Food in 2011 which focuses on helping people escape poverty through culinary training and rebuilding their lives through food. The chef at social enterprise restaurant, Brigade (London) has focused his… Read more »

Tracy Chang

Tracy is a chef and owner of the restaurant PAGU, located in Cambridge, USA where the majority of her employees are from immigrant backgrounds. During the coronavirus pandemic, she co-founded Off Their Plate, an initiative that aims to feed health and essential workers whilst trying to restore jobs and livelihoods of restaurant workers affected by… Read more »

Ghetto Gastro

Jon Gray, Lester Walker and Pierre Serrao are three chefs who set out on a mission to diversify the gastronomy scene and challenge stereotypes with their cooking collective Ghetto Gastro in New York. Combining art, music and social awareness, Ghetto Gastro has already offered a unique space and voice for a diverse community of young… Read more »

Ed Lee

Ed is passionate about creating a fairer, more tolerant and diverse labour force and promotes issues surrounding immigration, social justice and inclusion from the kitchen. Even before the coronavirus crisis and the Black Lives Matter protests in the United States, the LEE initiative has been at the forefront of social causes. Ed’s NGO was created… Read more »

Juan Llorca

Juan shifted his focus from haute cuisine to an unusual challenge for a chef: transforming the food of a school canteen. Showcasing passion, tenacity and hard work, Juan managed to transform schools into a place where students enjoy and form connections to healthy food as well as study. His initiative “Por una Escuela bien Nutrida”… Read more »

David Hertz

David created Gastromotiva in 2006 to help foster social inclusion in Brazil through gastronomy. The initiative offers culinary training to young people and unites many different sectors of society around the transformative power of food. Fourteen years later, and in partnership with more than 32 local organisations, Gastromotiva is now a global success with operations… Read more »

Nicole Pisani

School children are one of the many groups affected by the crisis and many, especially disadvantaged children, depend largely on the food they receive in school canteens. In the face of the pandemic, children have been at risk of food insecurity or a lack of access to balanced and healthy eating. Nicole was head chef… Read more »

José Andrés

José Andrés – a Spanish-American chef and owner of a chain of restaurants in the United States – established WCK 10 years ago, assembling chefs from around the world and mobilising them to provide a global and cooperative response to a variety of emergency situations. He has already used his influence to support political and… Read more »